Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump (2100 Gallons per Hour) Review

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Intex 2,100-Gallon Sand Filter Pump

Many households have come to appreciate the Intex brand for its good-quality pool equipment and accessories. This tall reputation is not easy to maintain, and for this reason, consumers can expect that Intex has pulled out all the stops to deliver a high-quality product that will satisfy, if not exceed, customers’ expectations.


An Overview of Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump (2100 Gallons per Hour)

With the Intex SF20110, it offers a highly efficient sand filter pump for pool owners. The filter has six available settings for users to choose from: normal filtering, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain and close system. The Intex SF20110 can achieve a rate of 2100 gallons per hour on 0.95 horsepower and is best used in pools that have a diameter of at least 18 feet.


Maintenance of Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump (2100 Gallons per Hour)

Intex bills the SF20110 as a low maintenance sand filter pump, as owners will only have to replace the sand and cartridge every five years. This sums up to significant savings and a lot less hassle compared to other brands. Operating and maintaining the filter system is also convenient for owners, as the pump has a daily timer feature. This feature works much like other appliances’ auto mode, with time intervals of two, four, six, eight and twelve hours from which the user can choose according to his or her needs.

Where to buy the Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump (2100 Gallons per Hour)


Warranty of Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump (2100 Gallons per Hour)

Finally, this product has a strainer basket that automatically gathers relatively larger floating materials in the pool. This allows the pump to work more efficiently and also to have a longer life span. To top it off, Intex offers a two-year limited warranty on the product, so customers can be sure to expect good value for this purchase.


Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump Features


  • Capacity of 21,200 gallons suitable for average-sized pools and water features
  • Strainer basket serves as pre-filter to speed operations
  • Low maintenance system needs replacement only after five years
  • Two-year limited warranty provided by the product manufacturer


The Intex SF20110 Sand Filter Pump Reviews


Intex has indeed delivered another quality product with the Intex SF20110 sand filter pump. Reviewers sing praises of this product primarily because it saves pool owners from having to buy filters every few weeks.


Although the product requires a bit of an investment, customers agree that the price is a good deal considering that Intex’s package comes with all the necessary equipment and accessories, save for the sand required.


Users reported that installation for the Intex SF20110 is simple, especially with Intex pools. The filter pump does not require additional tools for installation, and is a suitable project for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.


Reviewers also say that the motor in this package is powerful, and the filter works perfectly. Within a few hours of use, reviewers’ pool water became crystal clear. To boot, the auto-timer is also a convenient feature that customers thoroughly appreciated.


There are two complaints about this product, however. One reviewer advises users to ensure that the o-ring seal is perfectly secured. Otherwise, this may result in leakage. Another reviewer encountered the rare incident of a defective unit.


However, take note that the previous complaint is an isolated incident. At the end of the day, the Intex SF20110 sand filter pump has gained many more fans than it has critics.

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